Friday, January 7, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Pottery Barn Edition

I'd like to introduce a feature I call "Fantasy Friday." I've mentioned my non-existent small design budget before, so a design item that costs over $100 (including bedding, furniture, anything) is pretty much not gonna happen. But that doesn't mean I can't virtual window shop pretty things to put in a "someday" file! And sometimes I can get great inspiration on something I can DIY.

Today's Fantasy Friday is the always-lovely Pottery Barn. When I go into PB, I feel like a hush falls over the room and I'm entering a hallowed museum. I love basically everything in there; and even if I won a $10,000 shopping spree, I don't think it'd be enough to buy everything I want! I scoured the Pottery Barn website to find some great pieces I'd love to have. It took about 5 minutes to develop a list a mile long and another hour to narrow it down to a manageable amount.

Here are 10 gorgeous inspiration pieces for you to drool over...and hey, maybe splurge on and buy!

1. Popcorn Loop Rug

We've only ever been able to afford cheap rugs, so this rug "handcrafted of pure, yarn-dyed wool by artisan rug makers" sounds amazing. I'd put it in the bedroom so I could squish my feet into it every morning! Unfortunately, I have a  feeling our cat would get much joy out of digging her claws into and ripping up those loops.

I'm starting to redo our bedroom right now; it was the only room missed in my move-in decorating frenzy a year and a half ago. I love the idea of an upholstered headboard, since we both love to read in bed. I've been contemplating the idea of DIY-ing one, since pretty much every DIY blog has a tutorial on it lauding how simple it is and how cheap it is. But I've never done anything like that before, so I'm a little hesitant. Plus nail guns scare me. The shape on this one is great, and I like that it's tufted. I'd like a little bit of nailhead trim or some colorful buttons to give it a little more punch, but that's just me. 

I'm tallish (5' 10"), so I'm all about high beds. My favorite thing about this bed though is the baskets. It's a great way to maximize the under-the-bed area for storage, without just shoving crap randomly under there and then dropping a bedskirt over it (not that I'd know anything about that...). It's easily accessible too, so you can use it for everyday items.
With the darker baskets on this one, you don't even really notice them. Sidenote: how great is that quilt? Not my style at all, but I love the bright colors.

4. Matine Toile Duvet
Love the color, love the love the sheets, love the curtains, love the bed...does Pottery Barn know how to style a catalog photo or what? Every shot has me wanting to buy everything in the photo.
I know you're supposed to use cool colors in a bedroom to make it more soothing, but I love a yellow bedroom. It seems so sunny and happy to me, and those are the feelings I like to feel every morning!

5. Glass Display Lamp Base
This one is actually from the PB Teen section. But without the shade (which comes separately anyway), I think it looks perfectly grown-up. The cord and top finial are a bright pink or green, which I think is fun. But if you didn't like it, you could easily spray paint the finial and cover the cord by filling up the lamp. And at the rock-bottom clearance price of $29.99, it's even affordable!

You could leave it empty and just let the bright cord stand by itself, or fill it with anything your heart, fake fruit, rocks, shells, vase filler. The possibilities are endless! Plus, having something that is cheap and easy to change up is always a great design option.

6. Woodland Organic Duvet Cover

Isn't the pattern on this just so fun?! It would really brighten up a bedroom. Plus it's organic, so it will be super soft.

7. Silver-plated Trophy Vase
I have a tendency to buy lots of small things and fewer large, statement pieces. I think this tall vase would be great standalone on our coffee table or paired with a couple items from my milk glass collection (which you guys will be introduced to soon in my 10 Favorite Things post).

This monogrammed pillow would look great on a bed and would be a fun wedding present.

I am a "collection" person. If I find something I like, I tend to buy lots and lots of them. It's great for decorating purposes, because they can look good grouped together or you can scatter them throughout your home to create a cohesive thread throughout the space. This screams out as the perfect place to me to house a collection (like my fat Buddha collection). I also like the idea of putting photos in it, as they show here. 

10. Edison Chandelier
This is the biggest fantasy of all the items I selected for three reasons. 1. I love it the most. 2. At $400 plus professional installation, it's way beyond our price range. 3. We can't install our own light fixtures in our apartment. I think the last reason is why I'm so drawn to light fixtures...I want them but can't have them! This one really spoke to me because it's a quirky and dare I say slightly nerdy take on a chandelier. While I love classical, sparkly, knock-your-socks-off chandeliers like this one or this one, I think they are too fussy and upscale for my style, which is more modern and broke-student chic. 

I hope you enjoyed our virtual shopping trip together!

XOXO darlings,

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