Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow, birthdays and catching up

Whew this has been a busy few weeks! Did you think I had disappeared? I didn't! But I did get some things done to share with you.

We had a couple of huge snowstorms here in the Midwest, but it's almost all melted now. Thank goodness, because I do NOT do snow. I'm infamous for never wearing proper winter gear. The day after our snowstorm, there was a little over a foot on the ground. I went out in leggings, a dress, my coat, two hats, knit boots and my "snow socks"...purple striped knee-high socks. Apparently this was not "appropriate" for snow weather, as I soon found when trying to dig my car out of the snow. This was the view during the first snowstorm...a mere 5 inches, before the horrifying 7 inches fell on top of it a few days later.

You can't tell in that photo, but it was snowing so hard! Really coming down. Tabitha was very interested, so I opened the door to let her explore.

She sniffed around and stuck her paws in it for a few minutes. She was too scared to venture out from the edge though. Eventually she bolted in and burrowed under the covers. She learned that move from me!

I also started class this week (icky) and celebrated my youngest brother's and B's birthdays, which are a mere five days apart. B and I went to have crab, his very favorite. I won't disgust you with the amount of crab legs he ate. I'm a vegetarian---have I mentioned that before? Meat-free for 10 years and counting---so I didn't partake in the crab feast. Eventually, I started cracking the crab legs for him just so I could have a hope of leaving the restaurant at some point. 

I've been sick too. I was in a Nyquil coma for over 12 hours, and I've been laying in bed watching Absolutely Fabulous on DVD. Have you seen it?

It's hilarious! B and I have been watching lots of British television, because we are going to London and Ireland at the end of May. It's our first time out of the country, and we're very excited. I'm hoping we can pick up some British slang so we don't stick out like tourists...but what will probably happen is I will try to say "Cheerio! Bloody cold out here innit?" in a Kansas accent and people will laugh in our faces.

So anyway...that's what's happening with me! I have lots of projects that I've finished/working on, and I'll be back to post about them. In the mean's a sneak peek:

Doesn't it look fabulous? Aren't you excited?! I can't wait to show you!

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