Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New bedspread!

As I've mentioned, I'm in the middle of renovating our bedroom. I've bought several things already, but I haven't managed to put it all together yet. I'll wait to show you the rest, but I couldn't wait to introduce the quilt!

It's from the Dwell Studio for Target line. If you haven't heard of Dwell Studio, it's a swanky design company that makes great modern furniture and bedding. I love their bedding, but it's way too upscale for my budget. The Dwell Studio for Target line is much more affordable. I fell in love with one of their quilts, but at $80 for the king size (we have a queen bed but I think it always looks better with size-up bedding), I thought I could do a little cheaper. So B and I went on a whirlwind shopping trip, looking at bedding at 10 different stores. I did find some better deals, including a white quilt that had quilted polka dots for only $40 at TJ Maxx.

I also found this yellow and blue quilt at Kohls. I liked that it would match both our blue sheets and our white sheets. But the little flowers were a little too twee for me, and I felt like it wasn't really my style.

I completely fell in love with this quilt from Kohls, but it didn't have the yellow accents I wanted. I love the bright colors and the fact that it's reversible though.

But in the back of my mind, I was still in love with that Dwell Studio quilt!

Isn't it gorgeous?! I love the color palette and the design. It's thin enough that it could be used all year long. Plus it's reversible! Two quilts for the price of one! When B and I finally made it to Target, I showed it to him, fully expecting this conversation:

Me: Look, isn't this pretty?
B: It's okay. How much is it?
Me:'s eighty dollars. But look! So pretty!
B: Eighty dollars? Are you nuts?! I like the other one.
Me: Which other one?
B: The cheap one.

But actually, this is the conversation that happened:

Me: Look, isn't this pretty?
B: Hey...I like this! This is nice! It's really really soft.
Me: Don't you want to know how much it is?
B: (suspicious look in his eye) Why? How much is it?
Me: Umm. Eighty.
B: Oh really? Hmm, it's worth it.
Me: *falls down on floor in shock* then immediately *jumps up and down with joy*

Would I have bought it with or without his approval? Probably. But it's nice to know he's on board. :)

Now comes the hard part....choosing the fabric for our soon-to-be-created upholstered headboard. I want it to be a print as well, match this comforter, and still be neutral enough to match other bedding in the future. Here are a few mock-ups out of the many many many that I've tried.

My favorite is the one at the top with the star next to it. Go ahead and scroll back up to look at it. I'll wait here. Hmm hm hm hm hmmm hm hm (that's the Jeopardy theme song, FYI). So if that's my stand-out favorite, why the strife? Well, there is no Jo-Ann's in my city. The nearest one (about 25 miles) doesn't have it in stock. Neither do the other 2 closest ones. The only one that does is 45 miles away, and they only have 2 yards. I need at least 2.5, maybe even 3. I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby tonight to see if they have anything good, which is doubtful. Though I love HobLob, I always find their fabric selection to be a little lacking. Wish me luck! I'll update with my progress.

XOXO darlings,

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